Monday, December 22, 2008

The Legal Capacity Building Programme Phase II (LCBP II)

The Legal Capacity Building Programme Phase II (LCBP II) is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The objective of DFID’s support is to ensure that the Gambian legal system is strengthened through the introduction of incremental reforms that will improve efficiency and effectiveness, and will better ensure access to justice for the poor.

LCBP II is providing support to three main beneficiary institutions – the Judiciary, Department of State for Justice and the Gambian Bar Association – and the other actors in the sector such as the police prosecutors. LCBP ll will continue to develop the processes begun in phase l (2004-2007).

It will support DFID’s overall policy aims in the Gambia focusing on promoting human rights and participatory processes, and achieving better performance against the international development targets through the PRSP frame work.

If you wish to contact the LCBP II project office, please call +220 422 3477.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gambian Attorneys, Criminal & Civil Attorneys in Gambia

Solie Law are a Gambian firm of lawyers otherwise known as attorneys, advocate or solicitors.

We offer specialist advice on the laws in Gambia and offer legal services and representation in The Gambia for matters involving family, income tax, sales tax, matrimonial, marriage, court, accident injuries, acquisitions, adoption, asset protection aviation, banking and finance, bankruptcy, business and commercial, buying selling real estate, car accident, child support, class action commerical leasing, consumer, contract, copyright, corporate, criminal law, civil law, disability, discrimination, divorce, drug crimes, e-commerce, education, employee, employment, entertainment & sports, environment, estate taxes, executors, family law, fore closures, health insurance, immigration visa, incorporation international law, internet/cyber law, tax audit, joint ventures, landlord and tenant, law suit, licensing agreement, limited liabiliy companies, litigation and appeals, medical malpractice, medical negligence, arbitration and collaboration, marriage law, mergers, motor vehicles, partnership, patents, personal injury, prenuptial agreement, wills, probate, securities and investments, sexual harassment, taxation, torts, trade marks, trusts, warranties, workers compensation, wrongful death and wrongful termination.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Relocating to the Gambia: Moving to and Living in the Gambia

If you are considering relocating, moving to or living in the Gambia you will already know that the sun shines here for all 12 months of the year!

The Gambia offers you the best climate in the world and one of the most beautiful landscapes.

This makes the Gambians warm and friendly people with a contagious relaxed attitude to life. The Gambia is known as the Smiling Coast.

In many ways, the lifestyle in the Gambia is very different from the one you are used to.

The Gambia offers you opportunities, sunshine, sparkling seas and sandy beaches.

Solie Law offers you peace of mind.