Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foreign Investments in The Gambia


Name of Company Country Investment
($ millions)
(as of end June 2007)
West African Resort and CasinoUS / Gambia3.00
West Africa Cattle CompanyUS1.00
Brufut Sheraton HotelKuwait12.00
West African AquacultureSweden4.40
International Commercial BankMalaysia2.58
Africa Production CompanyLibya0.83
Jerma HotelLibya3.50
Gam-Petroleum Storage DepotLebanon / Gambia5.00
Gambia Agric. Marketing Co.Nigeria / Gambia13.00
Brufut Sheraton HotelKuwait12.00
Gamwater Company LtdGambia1.40
Access Bank (Gambia) LtdNigeria / Gambia2.00
T & C Transportation ServicesGambian0.50
Al Amana Company LtdLibya1.80
GamPalmGambia / Senegal3.10
Atlantic SeafoodNetherlands0.76
Walo Development EnterprisesGambia / UK1.90
KnitswearBelgium / Gambia0.94
Carnegie Corporation LtdAustralia2.50
Comfort Quality ServicesGambian1.30
Zam Zam Company HotelLibyan2.00
Liptis International Co. LtdLibyan2.00
Kafuta Fresh Produce LimitedKuwait1.27
Mecalite LtdGambia1.00
Golden Beach HotelGambia1.00
Africa Production Company LtdLibya0.83
Fine Beverage Company LimitedGambia1.50
Cosmos Industrial Company Ltd.China1.70
African Safari CompanyLibya1.00
Fazan Fishing Company LtdLibya1.14
West African PearlChina / Gambia4.60
Quantum NetGambia1.50
Salam Company LimitedGambia1.00
Swami India International Ltd.India0.63
Moukhtara Holding Company LtdGambia / Denmark5.13
Global Electrical Group Ltd.Lebanon / Gambia
Reliance Financial ServicesGambia1.95
Nice Gambia LtdNetherlands10.31
Hanes Company LtdTaiwan0.91
Universal Business Group Ltd.Turkey / Gambia3.01
African Production Fishing Co.Libya1.64
Unique SolutionsGambia2.04
Radville Farms Ltd.UK / Gambia1.88
Basma Industrial Ltd.Gambia1.30
Royal Enterprise Ltd.India1.50
Jama-ak-Salam FoamGambia0.50
Fine Water Company Ltd.Gambia2.41
Kombo Farms Company Ltd.Gambia1.53
Sandele Eco-RetreatUK1.50
AHS Holding Ltd.China0.67
A & A Industries Ltd.vPakistan1.54
Takaful Gambia Ltd.Gambia3.00
Zygot Oil Company Ltd.Gambia0.51
Rue Chicken Ltd.Gambia0.80
Womy Gambia LtdGambia1.88

Source: The Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency (GIPFZA)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Law in Gambia: Adoptions, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Domestic Violence

Solie Law can advice on a number of common family law issues in the Gambia -- including divorce, marriage, child custody, child support, adoption, and much more.

As experienced Gambian lawyers we are well versed in the legal processes, practices and proceedings when trying to solve family matters in the Gambia.

We offer legal representation in Gambia for parents, spouses, children and unmarried couples and can advise on divorce packages, prenuptial agreements, leqal name change, separation agreements, inheritance, wills and other family diputes.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Setting up a business or company in Gambia

The Gambian Constitution guarantees the right of private ownership. Under the Company Act of 1955, there are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum share capital of a business venture, nor is there any compulsory requirement for equity participation by Gambian nationals in foreign-owned enterprises, except as described in Paragraph 10 in relation to privatization programs. Businesses may be wholly owned by foreigners or jointly owned with participation by local investors. Organizational forms include:

  • limited liability companies;
  • unlimited companies;
  • guarantee companies;
  • partnerships;
  • co-operatives;
  • institutions established by act of the National Assembly (e.g., parastatals);
  • branches of foreign businesses; and
  • sole proprietorship.

In those sectors where private businesses are in competition with public enterprises, there is no undue discrimination with regard to access to markets, credit, and other business facilities, such as licenses and supplies.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mobile Phones In Gambia

Nice talking to you ... mobile phone use passes milestone reports the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

A UN report reveals that half the globe now pays to use one and Africa is the continent with the fastest growth, where penetration has soared from just one in 50 people at the turn of the century to 28%.

The report points to the Gambia, where mobile subscriptions have rocketed amid stiff competition among mobile operators. Out of almost a million telephone subscribers, there are more than 800,000 mobile subscriptions but only about 50,000 fixed telephone lines in service.
Developing countries now account for about two-thirds of the mobile phones in use, compared with less than half of subscriptions in 2002.