Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gambia Tax Lawyer, Paying Tax in Gambia

Paying Taxes in Gambia - Gambia Tax Lawyers

If you live or work in another country or if you have holiday home in another country, you will need to understand the tax system in that country.

You will need to file tax returns and you will want to minimise your tax obligations both during your lifetime and on your death.

If you are an investor what matters is the amount you receive after tax and so you too will need good tax advice to limit your obligation to pay.

Giving that advice requires an understanding of the tax law in the country in question AND in your own country.

There is no point in saving tax in The Gambia only to find that the steps you have taken greatly increase your obligations in (say) the UK.

International tax advice is an integral part of many of the cases we deal with on a day to day basis.

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Advice to Action Groups, Committees in Gambia

Advice to Action Groups and Committees in Gambia

Very often you can find yourself in a position where you have perfectly good legal rights but where the cost of protecting those rights is just too high for one person to pay.

In these cases we can sometimes set up or act for a group of people who have all been affected by the same problem.

For example, a group of people who have bought property in the same development and where the developer has failed to deliver the properties or honour his contract.

Or for a group of people who are in dispute with an unscrupulous timeshare operator.

This can reduce the cost per person from thousands of pounds to a few hundred and make taking action economically viable.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Legal Representation at Court Cases in The Gambia

Legal Representation at Court Cases in The Gambia

Nobody likes being involved in a court case. It is always stressful, time consuming and expensive. A court case in another country is even worse.

Dealing with such a case in The Gambia requires a knowledge of the law and the ability to explain it to you in terms that you will understand. Let out team of Gambian international lawyers guide you through the maze.

We will try to find the shortest and most cost effective way of dealing with the problem. Where possible we will try to reach a settlement that will avoid you having to go to court .

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